Professionals in hot forging steel.

Mould construction, hot forged steel production, quality control.

We are specialists in steel hot forging for a wide range of industrial sectors. We offer our customers the services of mould design and construction, manufacturing of hot forged steel components, moulding process optimisation and quality control.

Our mission.

Ensure high quality levels and customer satisfaction, combined with an appropriate quality management system, compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. We provide customers with the know-how gained from fifty years’ experience in the market, offering tailor-made solutions and certified raw materials.

Hot forging steel.

Castal produces hot forged steel components according to the different specifications of each customer.

The process involves the use of certified quality steel, machinery capable to provide a very high precision level, and a constant control during all production stages.

Hot forged

To each his own. We make components for all sectors.

Flexibility, one of our strengths.
The production process allows us to produce components for various sectors.

About us

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Castal provides services for each production stage
from mould making to quality control.