Quality and R&D

IoT - Internet of Things

Remote accessibility and data management through multiple network interfaces and firmware, the software loaded in the IoT device.

Using CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a management software system to manage customer and potential relationship data.

Industrial automation components. Anthropomorphic and manipulator robots.

Development of QR Code labelling systems to integrate the products supplied with our customers’ reception system. To develop this activity we are open to active collaboration with market and customer requirements.

Certified raw materials

We purchase raw material in bars of various diameters from certified suppliers. The material is always supplied with a 3.1 quality certificate.

The material undergoes an initial acceptance check according to the procedures in our quality system.

For materials classified as safety, we perform an internal check with reinforced sampling.

High precision CNC machines
for mould construction

During mould production, technically advanced numerical control equipment is used, capable to work with input recipes developed by the technical department and managed by the tool shop through the integration of networked systems.

The machining operations are very accurate: the operator has the appropriate professionalism to control the process.

Robots and automation on presses

Robotised production lines facilitate the operators’ job and enable an efficient steel processing cycle.

We thus ensure compliance with current safety standards and processing quality by combining our production workers’ experience with technology.

For some operations, we employ anthropomorphic robots that manage simple operations and ensure production continuity.

Heat treatments

Heat treatment is an outsourced process of great importance at Castal.

Our accredited suppliers carry out the treatment cycle according to the required specifications.

Afterwards, our quality laboratory verifies compliance, either by mechanical tests such as hardness or indirectly by testing the samples at qualified external laboratories.

All batches are supplied with our suppliers’ certificates attesting to the processing carried out and the tests performed.


Packaging and packing are important at Castal: we can deliver the goods using iron boxes of different sizes and structure, cardboard boxes on pallets, anti-corrosion VCI packaging.

We are available to evaluate with the customer the most suitable solutions for transporting the parts to ensure their integrity.


Our quality management system is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and is regularly subjected to external audits assessing its compliance with current standard requirements.

We have learnt to embrace regulatory aspects as added value for our processes by paying close attention to the competence and awareness of our personnel.

Castal grants the requirement of complete traceability of its batches, from the incoming raw material to the product supplied to the customer. The data stored in the 4.0 information system allow the identification and tracking of every stage, from the raw material typology to the casting associated until thehot forged parts supplied.