Castal internally manufactures moulds and equipment necessary to produce the part: the technical department uses Creo Engineer 9.0 software.

Obtained the CAD drawing, we check, test and simulate the production of the forged part. The software calculates every variable found in real moulding. We can thus simulate the tooling and study how to obtain the best forged product that will be analysed during sampling stage.

3D Arm

We may scan manufactured parts using a three-dimensional Absolute Arm RA8 with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre. The instrument is interconnected to our 4.0 computer system.

We analyse and re-create the moulded blank, on which our technicians perform comparisons with the CAD model estimated and with the final machined part, checking dimensions and tolerances.


Castal has 2 different magnetoscopes: a Tema Flux metalloscope, and a Kriope magnetoscope, interconnected in 4.0 to the internal management system.

We carry out a non-destructive surface inspection of the part. This is used to check for any cracks, folds or surface defects. All selection steps at the magnetoscope are documented with certificates from our laboratory.

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